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ABC News Shopping - Find Out What Type of Face Covering You Need

Face masks have been used for centuries to keep our faces fresh and clean throughout the day. They were used by ancient Egyptian mummies as well as many other ancient people all over the world. The primary purpose of using a face mask was to keep dirt and bacteria out of the face while keeping the skin tones natural. Face masks were also worn in the past to combat rosacea, a condition characterized by pimples and facial flushing. Many of these masks have since evolved into much more advanced versions.

A facial mask is basically a small, cloth face mask worn around the nose and mouth, typically with a few cotton strips to hold it in place. While effective face masks aren't always available, if physical distancing isn't possible or when other more advanced masks aren't available, cloth face masks have come a long way. These days there are various kinds of face masks available from those that just cover the nose and cheeks to those that completely cover the nose and mouth. Different types of face masks serve different purposes. Below is some information on face masks you may find helpful.

ABC News Shopping - One of the best sources for finding face masks is to go online for reviews of face masks and other products. There are several websites devoted to letting consumers find out which brands of face masks work the best. Some of the popular brands include: Biomedics, Elemis, Kerastase, Nature Solutions for Men, Pedicure, Philosophy, Proactiv and Smelly Stick.

Machine-washable masks come in a variety of styles. You can buy small packets of face masks for use everyday or you can buy larger packages for every day use and then use them for more than one shower or wash. Machine-washable face masks come in the form of paper packs which can be easily placed into the washer and then worn as normal. If you have a lot of wrinkles or acne, machine-washable masks may not be a good choice for you. So read the label carefully to make sure that it is machine-washable before you buy it. See more info about face masks from Brookwood Medical, or you can go to their website.

Face Coverings - If you are concerned about social distancing, using cloth face coverings can be a good way to help you look more stylish. You can choose to wear face coverings to hide blemishes, scars, wrinkles or birthmarks. There are many options to choose from and they vary according to the type of coverage you want. Some of the popular types of face coverings include: sweatbands, adhesive bands, caked-on patches and foundation. They are all available at stores that sell personal care items such as makeup.

Some popular brands that manufacture and sell face shields include Covercraft, Beautyrest, Healthline and Smoothing Skin Solutions. ABC news shopping did a review of these brands and found that most were available in stores selling skin care products. However, some brands were only available online, which makes it hard for busy people to take them on trips or when they go out of town. Some people also said that it's hard to find face shields that fit properly so you have to make sure to order a size larger than your regular sized face shield. Check out more tips from this related post -

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